The Starseed Pin

The Starseed pin is a tribute to all of the magic that has inspired the creation of my Starchild Tarot decks. It is a casting of one of my hand illustrations.

Since an early age, I have been fascinated with ancient Egypt. Around the age of ten, I attempted to learn hieroglyphs, memorizing the symbols and characters to then translate into my own hidden messages. I was hooked. Since then, my love for this vibrant history (along with the old stories of golden Atlantis and Lemuria) has become somewhat of an obsession. I see these ancient worlds, amongst many others that have informed countless historical parallels of knowledge and mysticism as being some of the last seeded remnants of magic that still exist today. When we look at these ancient symbols, something within us ignites and awakens. We begin to remember.

The winged Scarab is a symbol of regeneration, transmutation and rebirth. It has been revered by countless cultures over aeons and generations, and has travelled far and wide throughout the imaginations and hearts of many. Over time, it evolved into an amulet of protection and clearing, serving multiple purposes for each wearer of its magic.  

I chose the Starseed title for this particular design, because it represents a seed of ancient wisdom, time, and knowledge. 

Each scarab pin measures 2 inches in width and is made with a hard enamel finish. 

One lapel pin is attached to its back to help you secure it in any fabric type. 

This is a limited edition design. 



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