The Sacred Grail

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Within your heart is a sacred fire. A place where the chalice of your spirit holds the Divine presence of Love.

The Holy Grail. The Cup of Sophia. The Vessel of the Great Goddess. The Cup of Blessing. The Mystical Grail of Creation. The Womb Chalice.

This mysterious symbol has taken on many forms, and lived on in dreams of countless seekers and mystics throughout the ages. Quietly, it waits,  hidden in numerous symbols and encoded myths. Said to be a source of eternal wisdom, the Grail nourishes and replenishes those who seek its knowledge and acts as a window into the Alpha and Omega. Closely linked with legends of the Holy Chalice, this vessel of magic is imbued in Christian, Celtic, Pagan, Gnostic, Arthurian, and Sophianic motifs and traditions. 

 In Goddess and Celtic Mythology, the Grail has often taken on the form of a cup or cauldron, representing the primordial void where life is seeded - as a container of the Divine feminine creatrix energy that flows throughout the universe.

This print is a celebration of one particular vision I still hold of the Grail. It is a shimmering source that flows like pure, crystalline waters - the Ousia - preserved within the spaces of our spirit. The many aspects of the Great Mother frame its essence, and this gateway opens up as we open our heart space. It is a place of expansion and awakening. 

Since my childhood and early introduction to the story of the Grail, I have been fascinated with the magic it shares. The lineage of its path, the wisdom it holds as a vessel for the divine elixir of life - and many more breadcrumbs of information have led me on a lifelong quest to learn more. This adventure continues to reveal new and fascinating doors. I've also read enough on the subject to fill a small, inner-library, and I still feel like a novice who has so much to learn. The wisdom is never-ending. But perhaps that is part of the alchemy of the Grail. With every ounce of knowledge you absorb, something new evolves and transforms in its place and you are never the same. You can look into it and see everything, and yet see no-thing at all. It is the beautiful dance of light and shadow. 


Each print comes:

  • hand-signed by Danielle Noel
  • in two sizes to choose from: 8.5 x 11 or 13 x 19 inches
  • sealed in a cello-wrap bag
  • sent in a sturdy protective mailer



**Print does not include frame