The Shining One

$30.00 CAD
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A rich and whimsical backdrop frames the embodied Shining One - Meritamen (also known as Merit), a beloved High Priestess of Amon who became the great royal wife to Ramesses the Great. 

Here, she stands amidst the fabric of an Ancient world. The Wings of Isis caress her face. The beautiful blossoms of the Nile sprout beneath her feet.

Through this window, we can peer into an infinite scope of lifetimes, traced by a sparkling lineage of stars. A place where the Gods nestle in-between celestial doorways, looking down upon all life below. 

This colourful collage features many layered elements and symbols, made in commemoration of the stories and myths that are woven into the cosmology of the Shining Ones. The Ancient Gods. The Neteru. The many incarnations under many different names. 

Each print:

  • comes hand-signed by Danielle Noel
  • measures 8.5 x 11 or 13 x 19 inches
  • printed on high quality photo paper
  • is sealed in a cello-wrap bag
  • is sent in a sturdy protective mailer

** Print does not include frame