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A glimpse into one of Danielle's forthcoming Oracles, a shimmering threshold gently guides us through a series of sacred chambers and pathways. You may be familiar with this place. It is a tender inner sanctuary that drifts in and out of our dreams, and always remains with us throughout each incarnation. We may feel its presence like a missing link, as something we are always searching for, over and over again. It may also show up in the places we seek and explore, as the history of its pilgrimage beats on with our heart. Each step brings us closer to a deeper truth. 

This is our communion. It whispers to those who feel a strong pull to the ancient mystery teachings of Egypt, the Rose Lineage, and the Divine Sophia. This connection is also multifaceted in its cosmic origins as it awakens many souls and Starseeds at this time. 


Each print comes:

  • hand-signed by Danielle Noel
  • in two sizes to choose from: 8 x 10 or 13 x 19 inches
  • sealed in a cello-wrap bag
  • sent in a sturdy protective mailer



**Print does not include frame