Mother Dreamgate

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⁣I drifted into a space

that was filled with twilight

turquoise skies

called me home

to a world I hadn’t seen

in ages

two moons danced with

the lull of gentle shores

and those familiar hearts greeted me

in the starry mirror of water.

as crystalline mountains glowed on

in the distance

housing those ancient tunnels

to an inner world.

temples lit by candlelight.

my feet guided me along

the soft stone hallways

towards an inner chamber

that beating heart pulled me in.

the smell of sweet nectars

hung in the air with

the sound of rushing water

the pulse grew louder

as I approached the centre

here, another doorway opened up

and even deeper,

into the next

space. the light broke through.

and so it went on, and on


Each print comes:

  • hand-signed by Danielle Noel
  • in two sizes to choose from: 8 x 10 or 13 x 19 inches
  • sealed in a cello-wrap bag
  • sent in a sturdy protective mailer



**Print does not include frame