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The Moonchild Cartouche - Sterling Silver

$80.00 CAD
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This pendant hangs at heart-level and features a hand-illustrated motif inspired by the powerful rhythm of the Moon and the transmutational power of the Goddess. 

As the Moon goes through its own unique cycle of activity each month, so do the ebbs and flows of our intuitive waters and emotions. We can tap into this powerful, wonderful force by keeping track of our sensitivities and strengths throughout each day. These transformational moments are represented with two crescent moons and the great Full Moon as a faceted Moonstone which frames the top of the design. 

This sacred key symbolizes the shifting tides of light and shadow that we can learn to work with and celebrate in our life. 

Wear your Moonchild cartouche to help support your own sacred dance with the Moon and all it has to offer. 

Rainbow Moonstone calls to the divine and intuitive feminine power rooted within each of us, and is often worn for fertility. Moonstone energy is deeply connected to the movement of the moon as it makes its way through the Zodiac, symbolizing protection for astral and earthly travellers.  It helps recalibrate the energetic vibrations of the body, which creates emotional balance and lasting connections to one’s spiritual self. This brings forth an influx of inspiration, passion and healing.

  • Sterling silver pendant & chain

  • 5 mm faceted rainbow moonstone 

  • Adjustable from 26-28 inchesc

ZALESKA X STARCHILD pieces are not available to wholesale at this time. 

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